26 thoughts on “Interview with Fatima Al Noaimi

  1. Alia BH says:

    you rock Fatima !!!!!!

  2. Houriya Al Rashedi says:

    Fatima Al Noaimo is one of my role models which I would always take advise from and discuss issues with. Other than her educational skills, she has a great personality! It is such a creative idea and would be very useful in a society like ours.
    I wish you success and all the best in the coming years.

  3. Hamda AlSh says:

    Great work, Fatima! I wish you the best of luck.

  4. Alia ketbi says:


  5. I traders says:

    I’ve been in the business world for about 4 years the last time I bumped into someone like this is when I read articles about billionaires around the world which share the same vision of this entrepreneur , speechless about the articles perfection , I can only say god bless you Fatima your in the world of success .

  6. @Hadher says:

    I’m so proud of Fatima! What a wonderful lady! Wish you all the best!

  7. Maya says:

    Fatima, you are a creative person and I wish you the best in everything. Always I looked at you as a successful person and I am proud of you from all my heart =D

  8. Meera Faris says:

    Great work Fatima !!
    I wish you all the best (K)

  9. Talla AlIkhafaji says:

    Fatima is such a WONDERFUL inspiration…. I always knew she was an amazing person but after reading this I admire her even more than I did before (if that’s possible). I’m proud to see such a young girl with such an amazing attitude…. She’s a great role model and she is representing the UAE very well!!!! <3333

  10. Mariam Ahmed says:

    I don’t know where to start from.. I’m really speechless about everything you do.. It’s true that you r at a young age but your achievements are beyond than the expected.. I’m really proud of you,, you are an ideal inspiration for every young emirati who wants to achieve success..I wish you all the best, success and of course with FRACTION ;)

  11. Haytham Samir says:

    I jusr knew her for a short period and I was surprised from her way of thinking and skills, she is really brilliant girl and I wish her a life full with business and success :)

  12. Fatima Sayar says:

    Congrats on your first step to success, bravo!! .. I’ve always admired your dedication and passion for having you own business .. With your vision and determined well and determined well, I don’t see any reason why you can’t be the next Al Waleed bin Talal;).. I’m really proud to have a friend like you .. Wish you all the best ({}) ..

  13. Rashid Al-Noaimi says:

    Stunning, how a young person devotes herself into working night and day on two degrees and still having a social life.
    I admire people like Fatima, they clear the path for the blind.

  14. mozah says:

    Gd luck and keep goin with gd work .

  15. Mimi says:

    Impressive work Fatima, I admire your hard work … A real inspiration <3

  16. souad al hosani says:

    Well done fatima. Wish you best of luck. You are a great women and I see you as a role model to us.
    Keeo it up bint al noaimi.

  17. budakbaik14 says:

    Love d 2 degrees bit!!~ (I wish I’ve thought of that before. Hahhaha :p} Good luck!!~

    Passion always inpire people. And, she shows the world that time is an important essence in life.


  18. Iman Ben Chaibah (Founder) Iman Ben Chaibah (Founder) says:

    Yes, she is a true inspiration.

  19. nabeela naseem says:

    you are a wonderful girl.you inspired me very much and such a role model for every one of us.may allah bless you to fulfill your dreams.

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  21. Aggy says:

    Glad I’ve finally found sometnhig I agree with!

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