9 thoughts on “The Importance of Regional Media Content

  1. Hasan Alhammadi says:

    Dear Iman,

    i fully agree with your analysis of what’s important and what influences good production. normally, with English shows, the producers tend to have studied the market carefully with perfect feedback through a system that measures the number of people who watched the show. they don’t get it 100% right but the system is able to show exactly how many houses have viewed the show. it tends to drive the number of commercials running on certain channel and hence provide the finance required to continue in producing a certain type of shows. we can learn from what Mtv was able to achieve although it was attacked at their first years they managed to be very successful because of the market they aim to. unfortunately, in this region such studies are not done. TV shows and films are not drived by a solid market. some TV channels tend to copy others and imagination and innovation is not promoted by the TV channel. the in country knowledge of producing TV shows is not strong to enable an independent organization to make its own tv show. your words are very interesting and i hope some people can read it to enhance their current shows to make target the beneficiary user.
    i would leave you with this last analysis that you can add to yours is that not only the study of who will watch or what will be watched it is also what time the targeted audience will be watching is something missing from anyone’s analysis into the market.


  2. Mona says:

    I would like to mention that in every human’s mind there is a term known as ‘Reality Sense’, which is basically the other reality that the human mind sees and usually follows other than the reality run by the media, todays world. It is a shame that our role models have become people such as ‘Lil Wayne’ or ‘Eminem’, or that we barely communicate anymore with each other because technology does that for us, however, what the world that I live in, and what I believe every one should do, is their own reality sense, because if the world was such a peaceful and righteous place then it would not be life, there would be no reason for all this, therefore, I believe that every person should believe in their own reality sense, rather than be manipulated by the media in a negative way.
    The media can be good and bad, and it runs majority of my day, however, there is a limit to how much a person should not only expose themselves to media, but also allow influential process.

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  8. Isabella says:

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  9. saba says:

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