5 thoughts on “A Life Lesson From Picasso

  1. Dj-Moe says:

    It is quite intereseting to learn about the way we should view art as an emotional splash accross a canvas. Thank you for the amazing article and I'm personally looking forward to your newest work.
    Oh and just one more thing, i would like to tell you that there is a grammar mistake in this part:
    "no one can control the way picaso draw"
    it is draws ^^

  2. I agree with you Moe, Mashalla she has a great way of explaining the sense of art. Thanks for the typo alert :)

  3. badreyakhalifa says:

    Understand " is a Key word here to see the beauty of this life … Great article … Well done

  4. Hamda AlHashemi says:

    Thank you Badreya, and well said =)

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