5 thoughts on “Qatar 2022: We Won?

  1. jawaher says:

    so proud of you , great article!

  2. Rama says:

    Dear Rooda,

    What a great reflective article. Thank you for sharing. As a member of the team who worked on the bid book, I too am very proud to see Qatar win. I hope that the plans we put forth in the bid book for using the games to improve the health, social development and environment in Qatar and the region will be followed. If they are, you will see amazing programs to engage youth, sustain culture, create sports job opportunities and much more.

  3. Rooda says:

    Jawaher – Thank for your comment!

    Rama – I am very glad you enjoyed it. I hope the plans will be followed, as it will set the standard for people and work in Qatar. Hope to see all the developments ahead!

  4. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW. TY a ton for posting, it was very informative and helped tons. outstanding :) more please.

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