5 thoughts on “What Is A Deep Conversations

  1. Shareeq says:

    Nice Article. many People seldom Listen

  2. Shareeq says:

    It would be great. Listen more, Talk Less. Thats the reason, we have 2 ears and one mouth.

  3. Thouraya says:

    -I would say an article on "smart listening", meaning one that gives tips on how to take the other person's words a step further so we can really understand what's behind them. In other words, be equipped with smart listening techniques that give us an edge on how to bring out the most from the words being said.

    -"Finally you cannot have a deep meaningful conversation with anyone if you believe you are the only person with something of value to say" : Very true; yet very dangerous. Would be interesting to have an article on that..It is one of the things we all know is wrong; yet we can't deny that we all tend to fall into sometimes (different degrees). Some not "too obvious" examples that prove how we all tend to do that, with a proof on how dangerous this is would be a great wake up call.

    Keep it Up!

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