4 thoughts on “Aligning Interests in the UAE’s Diverse Environment

  1. shareeq says:

    Nice Article.

  2. Fatema Azzahrae says:

    You make a very valid point. However, I wonder if its even possible to clearly define the goal as in "the objective" of each role and expect that people will fully commit to it without having the need to retaliate and be noticed.

    In all honesty, I've learned a lot from all the cultures I've personally been exposed to both on a personal and a professional level. However, that's not to say that by the end of the day I'm usually glad to constantly deal with them. I find it more frustrating than gratifying on a daily basis. The freedom to express ones honest thoughts have more or less been stripped away due to the possibility of saying something that's "culturally insensitive" to 180 nationalities we're constantly surrounded with, not by choice.

    Tolerance is vital in order to survive this environment no doubt, however, some freedom of expression should also be tolerated. People want to know that they matter by the end of the day without constantly suppressing their true feelings.
    It's not just about the job or the money. It's about feeling like your welcomed and that you belong.

    From where I stand, I see that in order to be productive, one has to be motivated. There no doubt has to be mutual respect for one another but also some room for personal thoughts to be expressed is also important.

    As Emaratis, on a daily basis we are being evaluated and a lot of times judged by our actions from our peers and neighbors. We're the highlight of any conversation about "inefficiency", because expats here believe that they're "helping " us by constantly pointing out our shortfalls. When an Emarati excels, its always said that he/she is an exception. Whereas we do not have the luxury of exchanging our own respectful opinions in a professional setting without consequences.

    I 100% agree with the point your making about moving forward, however I feel several factors need to be addressed before one is interested enough to make the effort.

    Great article though!

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