6 thoughts on “Turning Education Into Knowledge

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  2. @badreyakhalifa says:

    Education & knowleadge are essential elements of human, can't be deleted easily from our lives . what we learn in the classroom is automatically carried out with us to real life. you find students share their thoeries with others & implementing that in or out school, so basically by doing so you're adding your own imprint into this WORLD .

    loved your topic . god bless & keep writing .

  3. Fatema Azzahrae says:

    Education is no doubt crucial, however, it's not everything. Millions of people have survived and succeeded by putting themselves out in the world and dealing with matters as they come. I find that many a times a street smart person is a lot more knowledgeable in persuading others and getting things done than an educated person.
    I don't believe that what you learn from a book and what you discuss with your esteemed peers is enough to help you deal with all the challenges life puts your way. Theories matter to a great extent , yet implementing theory into practice is a whole different game.

    The point Im trying to make here is that education is very valuable, but life doesn't happen in a classroom only, nor should it.

    Fatma you make an excellent point!

  4. I agree with what you said, there is huge difference between the two. The problem is that in school or university we are spending hours from our day to just learn (If we learn) things we can actually learn in less efforts and hours. It's true books are not enough but 1 hour of book reading we can gain more than 6 hours at school. To be honest almost everything I learned from school I think they are already gone, however in 2 years of reading I can say (Thanks God) I have learned far more than 12 years at school and I actually learned about things that is more useful than most of what we are taught in school.

    We can never have all knowledge and have enough time to experience what we were taught that's why to me Reading is the greatest source to gain knowledge after all books we are seeing on shelves they are (Experience of many years) of other men.

    Thanks to reading I am proud that I am now educating and teaching people who were educating and teaching me before I was reading. I really thank Allah and feel so thankful that he gave me a heart that "Loves Reading"

    Great article Fatma, keep up the good works up

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