5 thoughts on “Bring out the Beauty in You

  1. M.Abdulla says:

    People tend to dwell on the bad things and forget the good things, if we do the opposite we will be happy. Loved the second art piece.

  2. Ahmed Al Hashimi says:

    I have to say this is a very interesting piece; it is deep and easy to relate to…I can't wait to see your reader base grow and grow. In a way you're writing is an art in and of itself it seriously shows a side of you that I did not know.

  3. Its pleasure to read this great information.

  4. Parents Pool says:

    Great for everyone :)

  5. uk essay says:

    It is not art to give others' home outstanding look but ignore one but the real art is to show our things in a way that people wish to have things like us. I appreciate the struggle for making the walls of our homes beautiful by painting with different colors and paints. Outstanding work indeed :)

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