6 thoughts on “Going Into Debt To Fake Luxurious Lifestyle

  1. Mohammed KAzim Mohammed KAzim says:

    Very well written article that directly addresses an evident phenomenon. I believe the issue is a change in the value system in the post-oil era which has acted as a driving force for the above. Thanks for the wonderful article

  2. Reem Abdalla says:

    Very catchy title and an interesting article if I may say. I agree with Mohammed Kazim as the post-oil era was very sudden. New money that people who didn't have much couldn't handle. I believe this should change by time when people will not only think of the monetary value as much as they do now.

  3. iamshaima iamshaima says:

    Hits the spot…I love how your articles always address issues that we all relate to in one way or the other. I have a huge phobia when it comes to loans and certainly dont believe in asking for one unless its for a car (not a fancy one ofcourse) a mortgage, or god forbid medical reasons. Other than that, it makes no sense to pretend that you're rich inorder to gain respect. That is not how its done. How many times have we seen rich people with nasty manners and foul mouths. It's nice to enjoy nice things, but not at my own expense.

  4. Very true!

    Thank you for this article. It needed to be addressed because of its great importance. I believe going back to faith is the solution.

    We, as a whole society, need to prioritise our spendings, e.g., build a house before buying a fancy car, etc.

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