7 thoughts on “Joshua Watt’s Between the Lines

  1. Loved that post alot :)

  2. fatma albudoor says:

    good job 7amda !

  3. hawraa says:

    niiiiiiiiiice im proud ! <3

  4. Hind M. says:

    i Like ;) very interesting and insightful article. Thanks

  5. S. AlM says:

    I looked at some of Josh's work before but never looked at it this way. Interesting prespective

  6. Maitha says:

    Thumbs up! I really like this post, and I think that it is interesting and true. Good Job!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well written Hamad, people's imagination impresses me, you know what makes me laugh is that they always act like detectives to analyze and conclude, which is really funny. Ignoring the bigger picture of a human being to address tiny details which the wise will always try to present a happiness offer.

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