2 thoughts on “The Strive for Quality Healthcare and Education in the UAE

  1. SNO says:

    I’m just curious whether we have any emirate-wide HC strategy in place: such as, what do we want to achieve from our Healthcare initiatives, do we have goals we strive to achieve..etc If the answer to any of these questions is no, then that would explain the situation we are in today… if we are clueless, that's bad
    I’m not very much knowledgeable of the HC sector, but I’m pretty sure it’s a highly regulated business, nothing could be achieved by trial and error there, as you rightly said, having the right systems, and identification will smooth the growth transition for this sector, provided we have a vision.

    In the people side of the business, retaining them or even attracting them to begin with, wasn’t a successful task, especially towards finding the real talented ones. In the absence of real drivers, where do we go from here, definitely all the roads lead to Rome, the question is at what cost and by when =)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Good Piece ……
    I Just Gotta Say ….You Hit The Nail On The Head With This Piece …
    Im In The HealthCare Sector ….In My Day Job
    And You Have Just Summed Things Up….Sooooo Accurately
    The Question Is ..
    Are People Willing To Have This Dialogue ….Further & Address The Points Raised !

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