16 thoughts on “What Would You Like To Be When You Grow Up?

  1. Hammam Farah says:

    I agree. I would also emphasize the teaching of social subjects in order to foster critical minds, so that they can not only understand the diverse working world that awaits them, but also assess its merits, and crucially, its accessibility to others in the world. While some may wish to pursue traditional industries like finance or engineering, others may choose to become agents of desperately needed social change.

  2. Hamad Al Suwaidi says:

    Such a great read. I can totally relate to your thoughts as I had a similar experience of my own.

    I totally agree with your approach, it should start at early stages and really, school is the most critical period since children spend the majority of the day there. However, I also believe that a part of it should come from the family; parents must identify their children's talents and strive to further enhance them whether it was at school or outside.

    Thank you for sharing this article; I found it to be very inspiring and is definitely an eye opener as to how twe can contribute towards creating a better future for younger generations, our prospective leaders.

  3. Heba AlSamt says:

    Loved it. Amazing read, I can relate to many of the thoughts mentioned. I strongly agree with your approach!

  4. Shaima Al Sayed says:

    This is a very good article MashAllah, and I can totally relate to it. My dad just dictated that I should become a doctor … I dint want to. Dint help me realize then what I wanted to be .. it took me alot of various work fields, and years to come in line with what I want to do! Cant wait to read more of your writings. mwaffag inshAllah!

  5. Rawan Albina says:

    Great article Khalid! I agree with you 100% This is exactly why I decided to start coaching teenagers. Their dreams are so young and beautiful they need support to help them translate these dreams and blossom into the best version of who they can become. The sky is the limit and we shouldn't be putting our children in a box.

  6. Khalid Al Ameri Khalid Al Ameri says:

    Hammam – Thanks for your insights, In addition to teaching, I strongly believe once the non traditional industries open up for on-the-job focused summer training/internship programs during high school the students will be able to further assess the merits of the industry and really answer the crucial question 'Is this what I want to do in life?'

  7. Khalid Al Ameri Khalid Al Ameri says:

    Hamad Al Suwaidi – Appreciate your feedback and support brother … couldn't agree with your more that parents play a critical role in the process and that it is up to them to build the confidence in their children to go out and lead their own charge and not compensate on fulfilling their dreams. As you mentioned you had a similar experience, I hope you are on the path of doing what you are passionate about and loving what you do, day in and day out. Allah yiwafgik brother.

  8. Khalid Al Ameri Khalid Al Ameri says:

    Heba AlSamt – Thank you so much for the feedback and the amazing support. It means alot.

  9. Khalid Al Ameri Khalid Al Ameri says:

    Shaima Al Sayed – Thank you for the great feedback sister! … happy to hear that you are doing what you love to do …. it is such a critical part of living a happy, fulfilling life …. and like your journey, a lot of people should realize that sometimes it is a case of trial and error before someone figures out what they truly want to do in life. Allah yiwafgich sister.

  10. Mona Al AbdulRazzaq says:

    Mona Al AbdulRazzaq- Excellent article .You described exactly how most of us face in life.Starting from our first choice what to study in university ? then we join the working life not sure that we are doing what we really like.
    I changed my career from a programmer to HR field,it took me more than 10 years to realize that i dont belong to IT field & kept asking my self what i want to do ? Many key elements are missing in our educational and cultural system……Thanks for sharing this article with us.

  11. lola says:

    spot on,,, it’s not the people in the educational institutions / field that should ask that questions ratherthan it has to become a question raised in early years by parents to somehow pave the roads for the community & education & the child/person to choose a dream and fulfill it, to seek the right path & become extraordinary

  12. Rawan Albina says:

    Thank you Khalid:) Your support means a lot! I'm glad we're sharing this platform and we're members of this Sail family.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is indeed a very interesting piece of writing; I really am incapable of imagining the amount of creativity that the coming generations will present to us when they’re allowed to do what they love and what they do best.
    The question is how will the society digest that, you see we are a society of shame, it’s crazy how things are like after all this openness, discoveries, revolutions, there are people who lecture their children “You should become a Dr.”
    We still apply some stupid judgmental standards to "HOW" our children should be formed into something "WE" prefer or like.
    To be honest, the education system in a complete mess! First of all they don’t believe in the National asset and potential in the market. They prefer to bring us people from outside to evaluate our instructors and teaching methods claiming how experienced and knowledgeable they are.
    Here's my one simple question: What knowledge would a 60 years of age retired individual, who's been an architectural supervisor know about educational methods, children psychological habits while learning and etc.
    Honestly it’s absolutely SAD!

  14. SNO says:

    Is it absolute alignment between education, and 2030 plan sort of consortium that would identify talent from a young age? If you look closely, you will find that we do it as a society very well in the sports section of the school.

    Why don’t we think of the workforce from the perspective of talent, and you know what? from the perspective of winning! After all, whether it’s a football match, or a basketball game, we are all in for the winning, the sports people see it, the rest of ministries should see it too, go to schools, identify young talents, and prepare them for what’s coming, for what we want to achieve at a global scale to win…

  15. Khalid Al Ameri says:

    SNO – Amazing feedback and model on how to identify talent at a young age, couldn't agree more it is critical that we build our youth not to be just good but to be Winners!,

  16. Khalid Al Ameri says:

    Mona – Thanks for the awesome feedback and sharing your journey from a 'Job' in IT to your 'Calling' in the HR world. It is equally important to share stories like yours that it is never to late to pursue your passions, Allah yiwafgich and please keep the feedback coming in, it means alot.

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