3 thoughts on “Keeping Extremisim Out of Islam

  1. Shaima Al Sayed says:

    MashAllah … this is one of the lovelist articles that I have read under this line of thought! Allow me to post this on social media .. this is an excellent read! __I personally keep asking people, what do you like in Islam .. and the lame answer I get is that it is my religion … yes I know it is your religion .. but why are you a muslim .. bcoz I am born muslim … Just like Quraish answered the prophet when he relayed his message – we found our fathers and fore-fathers worship these idols! __The point is that no-one stops to think about te benefits of being a muslim .. that if we love it so much with no reason … how much will we love it when we have chosen it and have the reasons for it. __My personal reason for "chosing" Islam – it is a religion of logic and facts .. everything has to make sense, everything has a reason and meaning. Just like how you mentioned, it urges us to understand it and live as a balanced nation. .. once we understand these 3 points that you have so kindly simplified for us … our thoughts will fall in order ,, we can understand our duties and rights together!! __ Im sorry for getting over-excted with my post … but I applaud you for this wonderful peice. __Thank you

  2. Marijke Fox says:

    Loved this article!! You hit the nail on the head. There is so much innovation going on, people alter the perfect religion to suit their imperfect needs. On top of that people don't differentiate between religion and culture anymore, and on the other side allow themselves to be influenced by "Western" values,which are often opposing Islamic values. We as Muslims need to hold on to the guidance we received, and not deviate and start to make u our own ways. And we need to clearly convey this message to non Muslims as well, I get so many questions from family, why I choose Islam and believe me people have no clue! Really amazing post, I would love to share this with my friends as well.. Don't mind us posting this on FB?

  3. Simple but interesting blog post I must say. I’ve just added your RSS to my google reader! =)

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