3 thoughts on “Reflecting on Ramadan & Helping Those in Need

  1. mohammed kazim mohammed kazim says:

    Jazak Allah 5air for a wonderful piece and an often forgotten aspect which is donating to the less fortunate ,,,, as for Zakah it is very important to also in parallel address the needs of the less fortunate at home….

    After a recent trip to RAK, I was astounded at the living conditions of certain emiratis, GCC nationals, as well as bedoons.

    I will be addressing some in next month's piece inshala and trying to arrange regular visits to households over there.

    I will share some pics with u later inshala

  2. Many thanks brother on the comments.

    With the constant goal of attaining money being somewhat central to some people…we often neglect this necessary and accountable aspect to the wealth we have. Zakah and regular sadaqa (I.e: constant alms giving) are foundations towards building a chance to better a state of a people, not everyone is born into previlage, nor share the opportunities we have. By doing this (in it's fullest application – not corner cutting) we actually make society richer (in a more spiritual sense of the word).

    I've gotten contact with a charity based in Fujairah looking for people to sponsor local children, I'm pursuing it and maybe we can sit down and discuss.

    Looking forward to your next article and keep it up!

  3. Shaima Al Sayed says:

    This is a lovely pause from all the information craze that we seek to acquire from various readings. Jezak Allah Alf Khair Bro; and a belated Eid Mubarak to you too.

    We should be able to keep doing this often tho', reminding each other to give away to charity periodically.

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