4 thoughts on “Confusing An Opinion With A Fact

  1. Matt Duffy says:

    Very interesting article. I'm doing research on Arabic and English-language papers in the UAE and I'm finding that Arabic language papers tend to mix opinion with fact more than their counterparts. Perhaps part of the equation?

  2. fatmabujsaim says:

    I think a lot of people still don't understand the difference between an opinion and a fact; some lack the knowledge of how to use terms such as "in my opinion," or "I think" because (maybe) they didn't come across people who actually use them.
    Your research sounds very interesting, please do share your findings once you're done.


  3. Shaima Al Sayed says:

    That was a good read, and true unfortunately, people do mix both. I guess the smarter ones should present it in a more graspable manner (lol if that is a word!). well, What I am saying is, that trying to convice people that their facts are infact an opinion, should be given t them in doses … and instead of leaving them at it, we should try to change the way everyone perceives these two words. Thanks for this. :)

  4. Subscribed to your blog, thanks

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