3 thoughts on “The UAE’s Flourishing Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  1. darrell says:

    Very inspiring speech khalid I admire what you and feLlow people are doing

  2. mohammed kazim mohammed kazim says:

    Great Article!! I am glad you brought up competition since that is one of thr biggest barriers to entry. The UAE is still lagging in developing proper competition laws that allow for a free-er market.

    Most of the richest UAE entrepreneurs achieved their success through the Agency law. I am not against the Agency law but believe that other Emiratis should also be allowed to compete. As an example, I’d like to mention car dealerships and horrible service which I attribute to monopolistic Emirati agents and protection from the govt.

    I would love to see an article on that… What I’d love more is to compete in one of these car dealerships or other agencies and capture some of their marketshare which in return will. Hopefully make them do things righ through healthy competitiont

    Great job :)

  3. Matt Duffy says:

    Nice column. BTW, what is the "Agency law"?

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