6 thoughts on “Turn Your Dreams to Reality

  1. Talla says:

    Very inspiring article… It made me want to start making my dreams into a reality.. And the breakdown between dream and reality made me realise that if you put your mind to something, you can really achieve it!

    Great read <3

  2. Reem Abdalla says:

    Thank you Talla for your response. I do believe that perseverance and hard work pays out at the end. Nothing is impossible to achieve.

  3. shaima says:

    Its very motivating …. Made my spirits high …. Well written

  4. Reem Abdalla says:

    Thank you Shaima. I am glad to send the positive vibes to you. Hopefully it inspired you in any way.

  5. مرايم says:


  6. Reem Abdalla says:

    Thank you Mariam. I didn't expect for this superb response.

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