4 thoughts on “The Need for Creative Advertising Methods in the UAE

  1. GViswam says:

    UAE I think, has the best service based industry. Being an expat, it is something I have come to love and respect. If organized well, this could definitely work.

  2. Reem Abdalla says:

    Thank you for comment GViswam.

  3. BinShamis says:

    Creative people are there, but all of them/most are foreigners and most of advertising companies based in UAE are mainly advertise advisors, they should have marketing research or out source data and most important "Local touch" to make it more creative for its environment and innovative. Turning to adapting the "Tesco" idea, it won't work since 90 to 95% not familiar to online shopping plus they don't buy their goods by plastic money "credit cards" according to Master card/visa report UAE 2011. Comparing to dubai advertising to other emirates, they are more creative and quick eye-catching than any others in MENA "my opinion" ?

  4. Reem Abdalla says:

    Thank you BinShamis for your response. The UAE have International leading research agencies, however the point is it's not translated properly into advertising. As for online shopping, the market is picking up but some education is needed for customers about online shopping. I believe in a few years more online shopping will be seen in the UAE. Agreed, since UAE is a multicultural hub, you'll see more creativity here than the rest of the MENA region.

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