5 thoughts on “Books Are Medicine for the Soul

  1. GViswam says:

    The relationship between me and my books is very personal and sacrosanct and probably this is the case with any bibilomaniac. Every good book is a treasure waiting to unfold and once read is a wealth I safely guard.

    Nice article and great images…

    G Viswam

  2. Narmeen K. says:

    Impressive how art and books work very well together.

    As a book worm I must say, thank you for understanding books and their value and saying it out loud

  3. Hind M says:

    Loved the images and creativity of the artist!

  4. deenah says:

    Beautiful article hamda, i love the way you write mashalla =D

  5. karimrashiddesigns says:

    It's a beautiful relationship, that of words and visuals.

    Great topic

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