6 thoughts on “Is Technology Affecting Kid’s Creativity to Have Fun?

  1. Rawan says:

    Great ending question! Beautiful perspective.

  2. A great topic which requires further discussion. Oral traditions should not be replaced by tech junk

  3. Fatma Al-Khaja says:

    Thank you both for your feedback! I'd love to discuss this further XD

  4. Alice says:

    I observe the same thing in my own family. Parents are to be blamed here too because we are role models for children as they imitate us.

    Our family time often looks like that: Mama with her laptop, Baba with his iphone and a 3 year old child with his ipad. When children see their parents preoccupied with laptops, phones, TV, PlayStation – they learn the same thing.

  5. Alice says:

    And the scariest thing is, children may feel like those gadgets are more important to the parents than the child… They may feel (rightly so in some cases) neglected, which in turn can result in destructive and naughty behavior as a means to attract parents' attention. That's why I need to make it a rule to never use laptop in front of my children.

  6. Chan Bajaj says:

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