6 thoughts on “Being Concious of Our Environment

  1. Nice post as usual, well to be honest I can have multiple uses of a single item like a ruler, I can't count the number of things I can make a ruler useful however as you described the problem is we are lazy and I have to admit that I am extremely lazy or extremely focused on saving my time (Most likely not the last). In addition to laziness problem we have another problem it's the selfishness of human beings. For example, in addition to my laziness I am selfish, I prefer reading books instead of using my creativity to please others. Maybe this selfishness is derived from the fact that I am having a short life and I don't know where I am heading in the end.

    Great post as usual, keep writing

  2. Amazing article!

    I currently work at DUBAL & just today have discussed in a meeting on ways to reduce our Carbon footprint. I agree that we need to all work together as a whole on this, & elhamdillah am doing my part to make sure this initiative stays alive.

  3. karimrashiddesigns says:

    The things is, we can make beautiful things using waste materials and not only use them for us at home, why not try and sell them? Especially if its widely available we'll be hitting two birds with one stone.

  4. Hind M says:

    I was looking at the different projects that reuse elements for design purposes and came across the Ubuntu Restaurant, which looked spectacular and inspired me to use some of those ideas in my own house. It's a very important topic that people need to consider thoroughly.

  5. Fatima says:

    I've been to the INDEX fair and I loved the some of the ideas i saw, like the suitcase chair and the small table made of rope. In fact I tried doing some of those things at home. I think that competitions and exhibitions like that will inspire indviduals to be more involved with recycling and reusing materials since not everyone has an artistic or a creative sense.

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