9 thoughts on “Do Emiratis Realize How Bad the International Economy is?

  1. Mrs. Ramadhan says:

    So true..

  2. Abdulwahed AlQasem says:

    Very well said and put together. However, i believe that the problem lies far beyond what we buy or how we spend. Emiraties need to develop a sense of awareness and should be educated as to what is happening around the world as we head into the new year. Yes, many people are aware that the world is in a crisis, yet only a small minority of know what this "crisis" really is and how it can (and will) affect them. Only once people realise the extent of this "mess" we are in will they act upon it. Individuals should act now or else they risk leaving it to when it is too little too late to do so.

  3. Abdullah ben Khaled says:

    I absolutely agree with you. It is all about culture, education and media. All GCC are sharing the same issue, such articles will increase the knowledge and awareness of people in order to save and invest. plus, the media should put a lot of efforts to educate people how to save and why to invest when all will lead to a better economy of All GCC and UAE in particular. We need to shift our consumption behavior to saving and investing.

  4. Abdullah Zamzam says:

    Very true Haif.

  5. Mrs. Christmas says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head in terms of people relying on entertainment media for their news, even financial and political, which I think reflects the general nature of peoples’ attitudes these days: if it isn’t perfectly packaged, entertaining and summarized for me to consume then I won’t really bother, even if it will adversely affect me financially.

  6. Abdulla AlBanna says:

    Totally agree with you! I still remember chatting with some friends back in 2008 about the crisis when they simply waved it off claiming we're immune to such events. A few months later Dubai saw a crisis of an unprecedented magnitude.

    The spending habits and materialistic mentality is an issue in its own. It definitely contributes to the lack of awareness since society has got its own little world that's keeping it occupied.

    Emiratis really do need to develop a sense of awareness and broader education on what's happening around them in the real world. And the responsibility lies with each of us towards those around them. At least that's a starting point.

    Thanks Haif

  7. Jawaher AlFathaly says:

    Beautifully written and very "spot on" as always Haif!
    I think this applies to the GCC as a whole (or most of it), and not just the UAE.. we couldve learnt alot from the Global Crisis, but we chose to flaunt we have (or have left) instead!

  8. Muhammed Al Maskary says:

    People need to be educated on how to save for future better returns.

  9. Hebatullah says:

    money wasting, greed, ignorance and laziness are always problematic and related…the three Holy Scriptures spoken about them..so are the consequences surprising?..nope..

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