5 thoughts on “The 1001 Islamic Inventions Exhibition

  1. Abdulkarim says:

    Hi Hamda,
    this is a true إحسان as Ahmad Alsugairi always says.

    I just would like to add this link of the 1001 video I watched long time ago:


  2. H. Mansour says:

    As an Emiati, I feel like I truly owe my coutry. As a Muslim, I owe a nation.

    Seeing the national day celebrations, and the #cleaninguae initiative, I beleive that our youth has the potential to do great things if they set their mind to it.

    A very inspiring article, thank you

  3. DJ-Moe says:

    I really liked your enthusiasm in this article.
    You revealed how perseverance and advancement toward new things can be shown through our own people which are the muslims.
    Your article has a lot of famous names and undeniable facts about them that make us muslims proud of our ancestors.
    I hope your article benefits the young generation to do the same and I can't wait for your coming work.

  4. hamdaalhashimi says:

    Thank you all for you insights, and as long as we have people like you who realize the importance of this topic, I think that our generation will make a difference.

  5. H. Hassan says:

    I would like to add that some people feel more comfortable thinking inside the box and playing it safe. Not taking risks will lead to lack of innovation.

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