2 thoughts on “Cognitive Optical Illusions, Differences in Interpreting Reality

  1. Nice simple post, thanks for sharing your thoughts Hamda.

    It's all about assumptions, and based on our assumptions we misunderstand and it's popular what happens after misunderstanding. Myself when I am in a conversation with someone or a debate I usually when I don't feel comfortable with what the other said instead of attacking I ask them again! Let me explain what I understood, are you sure you mean the same?

    I use the above method (Asking) even at work to avoid misunderstanding. I want to write many things about the same subject but maybe someday, thanks again for sharing

  2. hamdaalhashimi says:

    Dear Abdulaziz,

    Asking over is an excellent method to avoid misunderstandings. People should confirm things instead of making assumptions and concluding irrelevant things.

    I hope that one day you will share you ideas about this with us ^_^

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