5 thoughts on “The Almighty or… Society?

  1. Hasan Al Attas says:

    Well written. Completely agree with your reasoning behind these actions.
    All what we need instead of worriyng about how others might react to our actions, is to remind ourselves with Al-Ihsan. Meaning, Obeying Allah as if we see him, if not then for sure he is seeing us.

  2. maljunaibi says:

    " Sincerity to [all] people [of the world] is that [the seeker] does not keep relations with the people for his/her own motives [but instead is selfless towards them and performs selfless duty to them] and refrains from selfishness. But instead should dedicate himself/herself for the good (welfare) of [all] the people [of the world], however the condition is that" – Imam Ghazali

    We are a unique society in that we (as a people) still continue to think outwardly (i.e: spiritually and aesthetically), and these are the reactions to an ever changing society, yet a part of us going back to faith. Well written my friend.

  3. esther tang says:

    It's true that the top reason to 'be good' should be to seek approval from the Almighty rather than from society. But when living in a community where what key opinion leaders say about others has long term destructive effects (MAK knows which communities I'm talking about!), I suggest members to make an effort to stop feeding the gossip machine. We need to recognize sneaky disguises of gossip, especially those that begin in our own heads when we ourselves criticize others. If we wish for society to have less influence, and spirituality to have more, then each of us need to say goodbye to gossip and hello to loving encouragement. That's something to which both the mom in the article and local imam can say "Yes!"

  4. hamdaalhashimi says:

    If people's actions are based on "what other might think", then these actions will eventually alter according to "what people do and think", even if it is wrong.
    The main factor that influences people's deeds is the ability to recognize right from wrong because they are convinced, not because these ideas were forced upon them by others.

  5. Nadine says:

    Thank you for a great article brother Mohammed. As hamdaalhashimi has said, peoples actions wont change until they are intellectually convinced that what they believe in is the truth and the Quran is the word of God. Only then will they implement the rules Allah swt has asked us to follow ( for example Hijaab/ Shaila). Culture changes over generations. The practice of wearing the shaila will soon be discarded in years to come unless that conviction and correct understanding is there. Whatever actions we do as Muslims, we do for Allah swt sake only..

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