6 thoughts on “How to Deal With Negative People

  1. Rizny says:

    Very true and well compiled Reem.

  2. Adnan says:

    Good one very structured.

  3. Zaina says:

    Good job Reem like :)

  4. Saeed says:

    Great topic, I believe it’s really useful for not only people surrounded by the negative ones, but also for the people who are the source of negative energy. It will definitely wake them up and realize "oh that could be me!"

    Looking forwrad to your next topic…

  5. Mohammed Kazim Mohammed Kazim says:

    Great advice and also supported by the way our Prophet , may peace be upon him, was guided to deal with the negative people around him, well said and I assure you I,ll be trying some of these!

  6. Mohamed AlSharji says:

    kafoo reem , cant wait to read your next topic

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