4 thoughts on “Looking Beyond One’s Physical Disability

  1. MahmoodUAE says:

    Young parents should now understand the need to let your child express themselves openly. Scribbling or doodling is the first step. Doesn't matter if they colour outside of the circle let them express everything and not comform to your institutional way of thinking. Let their creativity know no boundaries and be ready for them to out grow you as well as educate you.

  2. Shaima Al Sayed says:

    Very insightful … thank you .. lovely piece!

  3. Mohammed Kazim Mohammed Kazim says:

    So true and loved the way you introduced the subject. I hope more ppl strive in the path of their goals and not let obstacles get in their way

  4. H.Hassan says:

    I think that one of the ways of motivating ourselves into overcoming these obstacles is looking more into people who have accomplished so much. Because the bigger the accomplishment, the more difficult are the obstacles.

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