One thought on “About Authenticity: Being True to Yourself

  1. Satchid says:

    Loved it. I also have to say how hard it is to face certain kind of truths and how it varies from people to people..I am in a stage now where i have this sinking feeling in my stomach that reaches my heart and makes me feel weak and want to get away from facing the truth of my life. The practicality of it, the works I need to do to get my life to a place i can feel safe. I don't feel safe because of all the things I am yet to do to safe guard it from all the horror stories my mind builds up… it all goes back to having the guts and strenght to go through whatever it is that one feels. and while its so difficult it is the only way forward and I have to keep working at this constantly just to keep me from falling apart, the good news is that i cant see myself living an unauthentic life and thats a blessing…Thanks for this article.

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