3 thoughts on “Who Are You? 3 Steps to Identify Yourself

  1. alsaljooq says:

    مقالة رائعة كما تعودنا منك يا العنود.. تعريف النفس هو أهم سؤال يجب الإجابة عليه فإجابته جامعة لأهداف الإنسان وأخلاقه وديانته وثقافته وهويته ومبادئه.. هو سؤال أعيد طرحه على نفسي بين الحين والآخر لأن تجارب الإنسان تغيره فأنا قبل شهرين شخص مختلف عني الآن.. شكراً على تذكيرنا جميعاً بإعادة التفكير فيه

    بالمناسبة، هذا السؤال أيضاً من أفضل أسئلة المقابلات المهنية فهو يكشف الكثير عن شخصية المتقدم!!

  2. Sami Husain says:

    Nice article… I liked this "You are a combination of what happened to you, who you wish to become, and what you believe in". I liked the philosophy in it, which is true.

    I want to add a point to the reader: this 3 steps process might take you weeks to realize it, but you need to do it as it is very important. "Understanding the question is half the answer", and understanding yourself is half of your life… I guess

    I think I will need to write something about this!

    Thank you Alanoud for the inspiration!

  3. Hind Al Ameri says:

    A very inspiring article, and I must say it has never crossed my mind that some one might ask me a question like that. The final points you mentioned for us what to do are simple, yet could be helpful in a million ways. Greatly written Alanoud, all the best.

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