3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Stand Up for the Truth

  1. Fatma Kazim says:

    Two reasons people don't stand up to the truth in my perspective: 1 is that people don't want to hear what's right and wrong anymore. If you do say smth you're outcasted and u lose all ur friends and ppl u care about. People want to carry on doing what's wrong whether they know it or not and don't want to hear otherwise from anyone.

    Two is when so much wrong happens on a constant daily basis such as shaking hands with the opposite sex, it becomes a norm and people don't look at it as wrong anymore because its become so common and "everyones doing it"

    Great article though.

  2. Esther Tang says:

    I especially like the second point that a conscience differentiates humans from animals.

  3. Mohammed abdulsalam says:

    Thank you very much for your interesting subject

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