2 thoughts on “What Happens When Arab TV Production Tries Something Different

  1. Giorgio says:

    Great post Dubai; I have been working with Arab Media for a very long time and always raised similar concerns. Being neither an Arab or a Muslim my discomfort is mainly with the content hardly ever being original. I worked with so many VP and heads of channels that completely underestimated the intelligence of the viewerships. Copy pasting is still the rule even though western programming it's not providing the same quality of "hints"

    Arab Media is still ruled by the same management as 10, 15 years ago. They don't see the discomfort of the viewers and they still believe they can utilize the same marketing strategies to sell same products. In western media success can be measured with different technologies , and if a Head of a Channel does not perform he will be accountable and replaced. If the program is a big success the Head of Channel will be most probably be hired by another station with a higher salary. In the Arab Media positions are mainly political rather than product driven.

    Anyway I see the light at the end of the tunnel; the new generation of young Emirati, including yourself, will drive the change. What we really need is to produce original content tailored to local taste; we did the mistake to believe that if you speak Arabic you can then provide content for all 300 million Arabic speakers around the world; we did the mistake of outsourcing our media production to entities and individuals that had only personal profit in mind. Media is yet a business but also has the responsibility of being ethical and provide food for the brain.

    We will get there, the time are changing fast and I cannot wait to witness a new wave of Emirati Media.

  2. Dubai says:

    Thank you so much for your time Giorgio, I really appreciate it! I completely agree. We don't have the same ideas we had 15 years ago as a region, and now we are actually aware of all the 'Carbon copies'. Its about time we open the TV and see the heroes of our past. It's time to see who we are, and it's time to document our past. I think our media is a bit too happy with playing it safe and mediocre. Change will definitely happen, and to the better!

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