3 thoughts on “What Success Looks Like

  1. Saleh Al Braik says:

    Amazing, great work Ahmed!

  2. Ahmed Al Gergawi says:

    Thanks Saleh, Appreciate it

  3. bu7maidalg says:

    the way of success changed as i went to Canada to studied abroad!

    To me success was owning the best of the best, to ride the best. Newspapers showing the success of someone holding a unique plate number after winning it in a bid up high in the sky with a big smile.

    Success is a story to be told, I will always use my grandfather success story in reaching back home in one of his journies to india for trade. where they face a problem and how it was solved, it was harsh in their days.

    He proudly tells his story to us (new generations) to encourage us to achieve a success with our hard work.

    Excellent topic wishing you the best and more articles to be posted :)

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