4 thoughts on “3 Main Elements of Creating Effective Rules & Regulations

  1. @Nadinekhan says:

    Prerequisites for the Success of Regulation http://t.co/dww6vKgw

  2. Nadine says:

    MashAllah a great article.

    What do you suggest the laws are based upon? As an islamic country, do you implement shariah/ islamic laws?

    Or do you base your laws upon the stakeholders majority decision?

  3. UmarB says:

    First and foremost I applaud you for writing.

    Perhaps I took it this way, but your article suggests that to be successful in regulation is to have stability. But I believe that stability is not the end goal but a stream lined process to consistently innovate and enhance the rules to fit the constantly evolving ecosystem as much as possible is. Thus it is more to organize chaos than it is to create stability.

    With that said, your 3 rules are very essential. And your arching theme of understanding the context rather than just applying the rule is brilliant and sadly not followed in this region. I would perhaps add a fourth rule and that is the process of adaptability/evolution. Many times laws created make sense and are very beneficial at that specific time and place. However not having a in-built system that continually monitors the effectiveness and allows for amendments to be made is what leads to a lack of successful regulation. It comes down to having a check and balance system.

  4. Bu Thyab says:

    Jazak Allah khair for this amazing article and may Allah reward you and the readers.

    It is true that Allah blessed our country with great stability, alhamd lellah, even more than many developed countries. At the same time, I believe we can still improve it by first and foremost apply more enforcement to the law and make it applied to every person in the society, and what's more effective law that our Creator's.

    May Allah bless the Muslim lands and grant them safety.

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