3 thoughts on “The Empowerment of Giving

  1. Nadine says:

    MashAllah good article Alanoud

    Most Muslims, people of faith and indeed some people of no faith would require no appreciation for the good act, service or charity towards another. Their appreciation lies with God alone or from the feel good factor they receive having helped someone. As you correctly mentioned purity of intention is crucial.

  2. Nadine says:

    By the way love the illustration by Fatma!

  3. AbdulAziz says:

    Lovely post, as usual not to be surprised since [You] wrote it.

    I have few comments, the first is that many people today they give not because they want to receive a thank you or appreciation, many people I know they give so they receive a gifts in return. As you see today the trend in UAE specially among ladies, if someone gave you a gift if you don't give a better gift back you are considered "Cheap" it's good to give back gifts but what's not good to feel that you must give back otherwise they will think badly of you.

    Another comment, if when you are giving something and waiting for something in return in fact you are not giving, you are seeking. Like when we pay money to eat food, we give money to get food and if we know we wouldn't get food most likely we wouldn't pay. Similarly before giving, ask yourself this question? What is your intent in giving, wait for 30 seconds at least and be sure of your intents.

    I have many other comments on this topics but I don't want to ruin the beautiful post you posted by a long comment. All the best 3noud

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