3 thoughts on “Advice: Say it Nicely, or Don’t Say it at All

  1. AbdulAziz Mohammed says:

    Well you reminded me about the incident of the shoe. Some people in my BB wrote poems insulting her and her family, I was surprised that the same people didn't write poems to defend the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and prayer be upon him) not even showed anger. Guess a "Traditional Element" to some is more sacred than Prophet Mohammed and the religion!

    People are crying for attentions. Anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. SerendipityTallulah says:

    Such a relevant article in the current global 'speak before you think' climate. I believe the aggression comes from insecurity and fear, intolerance, and ignorance. When one assess the technological progression of man, it is sad to note that we seem to be rapidly digressing in our human relations by comparison.
    Great writing style Hamda.

  3. @ALANOUD_auh says:

    “many people nowadays tend to give advice in the most offensive & aggressive manner” @Hamda_AlHashemi http://t.co/ETlk9SJS

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