3 thoughts on “Gossip in the Office

  1. @rupertbu says:

    I am sorry to disillusion you, but men are far more odious in their gossip, which generally is of a self-serving nature, especially within this society.

    I have caught many out, as they believe nobody will actually tell the truth when asked. I remember one client in front of his female boss asking me how were things. My response was "bad, due to your inability to pay contracted amounts on time".

    Of course I should not have told the truth and shown him up for the liar that he was and most probably still is, because in this culture such truthfulness is frowned upon, especially when it detrimentally affects the grossly inflated ego of the male involved!

  2. natureanimal says:

    Gossipers should always know and understand a simple rule which is: If they gossip behind people's backs, eventually people will end up gossiping behind their backs.

  3. Radeya Business Services says:

    Gossiping is wrong, whether done for fun, to pass time, or to belittle another, it shouldn't be done. I think a lot of times people do it for fun. But it is still wrong. In general, if you can't say something to someone's face, then don't say it.

    What can be done to stop gossiping?

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