4 thoughts on “The Media & the Fascination with Being Rich

  1. natureanimal says:

    Well said :)

    We have indeed fallen preys to our jobs and we've labeled our life's main priority to 'Being successful at work' which is how most people nowadays feel self appreciated more than being appreciated by people and family, which is a good feeling but then this feeling is just temporary and it is only a matter of time when the individual will start feeling guilty for sacrificing other important things in life for the sake of being successful and appreciated at work by his/her managers.

    In order to solve this dilemma, as individuals and most importantly as Muslims each day we should be asking ourselves these questions: what would be our priority if we knew that our Life is short? What are all the High priority activities that we should pursue in order to help us reach our general goals in life?

  2. marijke says:

    Great article and so very true!

  3. Shaima Al Tamimi says:

    I totally agree. Its absolutely important to work hard and succeed in life, but by no means should success be equated with materialistic achievements! trends, brands and style all come and go by the season, and the impact of being too busy for your life and family can crash you hard in the long run. When its too late!
    So be moderate in spending your time and find the balance to living healthy and happy, rather than living Rich.

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