5 thoughts on “Choosing Fashion Over Tradition

  1. Shelly Cooke says:

    Ahmad is it true!!!?? If I will really pleased to know about your culture. And also appreciate you and your culture. Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic "Dressing Culture" at hand. Thanks!!!!!!

  2. Talliba says:

    Hey dude, your write-up about dressing a culture is sound really well allocation and pretty hopefully this allocation gives me some valuable idea about dressing a culture. Thanks
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  3. Simuel David says:

    Vital allotment! We have need to think that every nation has their culture and beside we have need to think also that beside dressing own body we also should dress up our culture by maintain well tradition. Thanks

  4. Giveaways says:

    Good piece of writing man! I have read out this entire article very attentively because i have tried to understand very deeply. So by reading this article it seemed to me that you are little bit dissatisfied with modern designer's dresses because your priority is to keep own traditional dresses which will match up individual countries tradition. So i think its good opinion which you have mentioned in here. Thanks

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