5 thoughts on “Breaking the Walls of Pessimism

  1. fay_alkhaja says:

    I liked your article. I wish people tend to look into things positively instead of negatively. At work, there are a lot of frustrations and people should just learn to let things go. Be grateful that you're healthy, working, and living your life. Nice piece, gives a good prospect of life.

  2. Beautiful article, I really enjoyed reading it. And it's so true sometimes you wake up with pleasant thoughts but face bitter people & your whole day is ruined, even worse when you sleep & wake up with such a feeling!
    It's good to surround oneself with positive people!

  3. Moadh Bukhash Moadh Bukhash says:

    Although it is sometimes within our nature to think negative before reverting to positive, I think we all need to make a better effort in sticking to the positive rather than the more easily-identifiable negative.

    Good piece

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