7 thoughts on “A Suggestion for Tackling Obesity in the UAE

  1. alanoudm says:

    Having one day of celebrating sports and health by acting healthy and and start a healthy lifestyle should certainly be a motivation for everyone to not only start living healthy, but maintain that as a lifestyle.

    Necessary topic. Thanks, Shaima

  2. Shaima says:

    appreciate the feedback. true. Ofcourse it goes without saying that it shouldnt stop after this one day of social sports activation. Albeit its a good way to start through collective community and corporate effort.

  3. fay says:

    I think its more deemed as how much does the person want to be fit and healthy. Even if gadgets have made life simpler and lazier, there are some healthy life options that you can make to change it. For example, start eating healthier, walk more (you can park your car t he farthest at at mall in order to walk more), I tend to take the metro a bit more as it gives me an excuse to walk….etc…

    If you want to be healthy, you can. You just need to have the willpower to do so.

  4. Shaima says:

    Thanks for your comments. yes you are right. it all falls down to the person himself eventually. But seeing how a large part of the society lives a sedentary lifestyle, it also becomes the responsibility of the country to kickstart such activities and campaigns to raise the level of health awareness and finally influence people to take sport and healthy eating seriously.

  5. anon says:

    Same problems in the US – lots of sick, obese, ugly and unhappy people. And these health problems came here from over there with their junk food – look at what locals eat now: McDonalds, KFC, Dunkin'Donuts,Buskin Robbins, chips and cheap chocolates – twix, mars, lots of soda drinks (Cola).

    it's funny and sad to see fat emirati men and women queuing at Dunkin'Donuts, dont they realize that food makes them sick?

    Lot's of local girls want to be fashion designers, while i think it's much more cooler and needed if there were local doctors, healthy food and lifestyle, natural living activists

  6. No comments, just want to thank you for this writing. Great job.

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