4 thoughts on “Expo 2020: Why not Dubai?

  1. AlanoudM says:

    It's true. The reason why many nations, or just people, don't develop as they should be is because of lack of a clear vision and the belief that enormous change could be achieved in a shorter term.
    We are very blessed to have leaders who have lead us to where we are now, continue to do so, and also inspire us to have the same winning mindset.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. An amazing read.

  2. fay says:

    Why not indeed. Well said. We've got the capacity, capability and eagerness to host it.

  3. Shaima says:

    This is what i love the most. having not only seeing history in the making, but also being a part of it. nothing ties you to a country more than living through its every change and development, good and bad, then coming out of it stronger.
    We all can't wait for Dubai to host Expo2020

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