3 thoughts on “We Grew Impatient

  1. fay says:

    I never thought of this topic throughly before. You're right, human beings have become impatient. Another example I might add is phonecalls as well. They've become short as well as everyone's in a hurry to get their own personal tasks done.

  2. alanoudm says:

    This is a topic I strongly advocate. Or I have started to do so recently when I read something similar. I was personally accused of being a "sprinter" rather than a "runner", and it really takes a lot for a person to shift from such mindset.
    I like how the idea was clearly and gracefully presented in your article. Please keep writing.

    I would only conclude with a saying that my mentor shared with me once and that's been hammered in my head ever since: "Always be a marathon runner in a world of sprinters"

    Thanks for the refreshing read.

  3. this is so true, i was having a conversation last week with how we used to invite guests into our home if we saw them for the first time in the neighborhood… this is almost impossible today

    would love to know your thoughts on how to not let this fast paced-ness take over !!

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