3 thoughts on “3 Important Steps to Create a Positive Impact

  1. fay says:

    I liked how you portrayed your article. You're right. People tend to always focus on negativety rather than positivity. This is a new prospect of looking at things.

  2. alanoudm says:

    Very well-structured and strongly supported in examples. I don't have much to add, but I strongly agree with the point that people should take initiative to make a positive change.
    We got many things so easily that we started to not only take them for granted, but also expect that we receive more without working towards it. Many of us are too busy being critical about things to actually manage to think of something positive to make, to change situations to the better, or at least help in taking initiative that would lead to a positive result.

    Thanks, Mohamed. An inspiring read.

  3. thanks alanoud and fay.

    fay: it's normal i guess ,, but its beautiful how we can try different means to combat that :)
    alanoud: thx so much for your comment ,, its unfortunate ,, as you would imagine i would link it to society worship and herd mentality =P,,, but if you blv in something there's always a way forward

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