5 thoughts on “The Media’s Influence On The Career Of An Athlete

  1. fay says:

    So true ^^

  2. alanoudm says:

    A valid point clearly presented, Khalifa. I believe Media is a giant that could manhandle someone from heaven to hell (metaphorically speaking).
    Thanks for showcasing Woods as an example.
    Looking forward to your next article.

  3. very true ,, not enough emphasis on personal perception ,,, i blv this can be achieved through offering 3 main elements to any professional anywhere in the world :

    1. a meaningful challenge
    2. appropriate appreciation
    3. ability to create a positive impact that is felt during their time in that position or profession

    with those elements high self perception would be evident ,,, or at least i hope

  4. Thanks for sharing with us. !!

  5. Online news is very important tools to get news. It is Eco friendly system. We can read news any time without handling to papers. It is very comfort to read than the paper

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