2 thoughts on “How To Deal With Employees Absenteeism

  1. Eman Al Madani says:

    A very interesting article Fatma!

    I don’t fully blame those who abuse the system because there can be a lot of factors that encourage them to do so like having an unhealthy lifestyle; lack of motivation in the workplace (i.e. low job satisfaction and disengagement) and/or lack of appreciation. That is why I believe it is important to identify the problem and see if there is a pattern that could be caused by the workplace environment.

    For instance, we found in my company that improving our work environment lead to the increase in our employees’ satisfaction rates from 59% to 89%, and those improvements included providing them with ergonomically friendly chairs, monitoring the oxygen levels in the office area, using less toxic cleaning products to reduce their exposure to harmful fumes and many more. Also, when our staff apply for sick leave in the online system, they are asked if the cause of their sickness is work related or not. This will enable us to monitor their sick leave pattern and find for more ways to improve the system.

    These are some of my views about absenteeism and how we work on tackling it through applying various initiatives.

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