4 thoughts on “Youth: Why Not Find an Alternative to Visiting Malls?

  1. Marina says:

    I agree – the standard of interactive displays at the Museum is very good BUT I think some displays could be presented with a more logical sequence.
    I also agree that the Museum's self promotion is nearly non-existent and that this is a shame! Most people I speak to have been to the Arabian Wildlife Center only (across the road) and have never even noticed the Museum.
    I am glad you enjoyed your visit :)

  2. Sara says:

    I truly agree with the fact that museums are forgotten, & the fact that Sheikh Sultan beams a lot of attention to this cultures & are actually considered as one of his priorities to care for such places.
    I like the fact that Sharjah doesn't have lots of mall, it's actually a thing with both advantages & disadvantages, just like every other thing in life. The advantage is that we don't get crowded places, & the disadvantage is that we are compelled to go to dubai so we can shop for clothes. This isn't a shop-lover who's talking, therefore I prefer the fact of not having malls, it causes me discomfort. Whatsoever I wanted to ask since my curiousity is killing me, what t's the relation betweeen the incident & your article? Doesn't make sense to me! Anyways I like your writing sophie, keep it up

  3. Omar says:

    Thank you Ms Marina for inspiring me to think twice about my outing options

    Thank you Sara. I totally agree with you. They have no relation I just felt like sharing it.


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