3 thoughts on “Lack of Conscience in Positions of Authority

  1. A very well written article on reviving our society’s consciousness “Lack of Conscience in Positions of Authority: http://t.co/nMFAMLg4Pq

  2. dressagedancer says:

    I loathe the mental class segregation in a society, so wrong to think of others who have humble jobs as inferiors. that's just not what the heart is made to feel for, nor what the mind is created to think of.

    That's the ultimate insult to the being of human. Class based on wealth and power, shameful. Never in any other animal kingdoms one would find a form of segregation, to the contrary animals enact hierarchies for the mere reason of protecting the weak by the strong. I wonder why we never learn from observing simple examples, be it the animal kingdom.

    Instead, I would encourage some form of acknowledgement based on knowledge, virtue, respect, and values. looking at the positive perspective of categorizing people on such way makes sense.

    Long time I didn't get the chance to read your material. I'm so glad I did for this one.

  3. olive says:

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