3 thoughts on “The Sense of Entitlement

  1. @Eman_AlMadani says:

    A very well written article. Lots of good stuff and right to the point, especially the part on when you questioned whether we’ve been pampered so much that we forgot we are in a competitive environment and we must fight for what we believe we deserve.

  2. natureanimal says:

    Well said, sadly thats the situation nowadays. The biggest problem though is the fact that the majority of our youth, from the day they start their careers are very dependent on waiting for their supervisors or managers to mentor them and to show them their path for future development . And mentoring is a good thing no doubt, it gives them the chance to take baby steps, but that kind of assistance cannot be found everywhere.

    When the culture of mentoring, employee future development and empowerment as well I must add isn't part of the organization, thats when fresh graduate trainees in their first, 2nd or 3rd year at an organization eventually get demotivated and loose track of their goals which they were never fully sure of initially. They feel hopeless, disempowered and discouraged and eventually they loose the very purpose of being patient, and the resignation form is filled up with pride and immaturity.

    The only way to go about this issue, i feel, is to build strong mentalities and the culture of self dependance during their college years, universities should understand that spoon feeding students, something that sadly to say has become a culture in many of our colleges and universities, isn't an option anymore, professors and instructors must be extremely aware of the dangers of spoon feeding and giving students high grades on their week assignments and research studies. This is a bad habit which is unfortunately being rooted in our youth, and the actual effect is only realized once they step out into the real world.

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