3 thoughts on “Remove All The Unwanted Things From Your Lives

  1. Nas says:

    Salam and Ramadan Kareem.

    Thanks for posting this. I am a 24 yrs old newlywedded and a bit on the chuby side (correction, was on the cubby side) I had the typical Somali wedding where you are introduced to your husband and never meet him until your wedding night. Mind you it wasn’t a forced marriage or anything , just that you don’t meet him until the wedding night. Imagine my shock when i met hubby for the first time and he was fit, girl when i say fit i mean F.I.T… that was it, i ended up trying to cover my wobbly bits for the duration of our honeymood. it is not easy to cover yourself in your husbands presence, i found out. anyways long story short, That motivated me to get fit and i found Insanity in the process and after second round i was even fitter than my husband. as you said, it has to be your decision and not others.

    Well, good luck to you and anyone else who is trying to get fitter and healthier.

  2. Nas says:

    I know you where writting about the clutter in live but i interpreted as the clutter under my skin if you know what i mean..

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