One thought on “We’re All Human Beings After All

  1. natureanimal says:

    Salaam Omar,

    I'm honored for having to share your thoughts. You know Omar, the actual test of foreign culture tolerance occurs with an individual during his work life. Speaking of me, when I was young, below the age of 20, I used to be one of those UAE nationals who had perfected to speak in hindi. And as you know, Dubai is not DUBAI without indians and pakistanis, I was very happy to be able to speak to them by showing off my indian accent and skills lol, and it would always give me this sense of satisfaction and the "I rule the world feeling".

    But guess what, allllll that changed as i started working in a few private firms, where i would always end up being with a group of indians and pakistanis, which immaturely I thought I was able to manage smoothly. I was so innocent to believe, that by speaking indian and understanding indian culture i wouldn't have an issue with tolerating them during work, and because of that innocence, i used to mentally get beaten down to my knees temporarily, because of my lack of tolerance. I saw a completely different world, i got introduced to different mentalities, sub indian and pakistani cultures And different indian and pakistani family traditions also. It was like a box full of various kinds of nuts, which some i could not digest very fast. Thats when i realized that, tolerance does not only come from understanding languages and cultures, but it actually comes by training ourselves to consistently tolerate it during its ups and downs, and to be well prepared to consistently absorb various foreign mentalities, behaviors and cultures and sub cultures.

    And after many attempts and observations, I finally came to realize, that the only way to go about this routine challenge and ritual, it is as you mentioned, to go by the teachings of islam and to take the Prophet Muhammed, Peace and Blessings be Upon him, as a role model, in every moment of our short lives. Because, he is indeed, the Master of tolerance and patience.

    Thanks Omar for your wisdom.

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